For Cookie Dough, Biscuit Dough, and Fondant. - Great for parties! About: 3D printed from 100% Food Safe PLA OR PETG Plastic Derived from Corn Starch. Sizes: 1 Bluey 8cm By 10cm cutter is 1.2cm deep 2 Bingo 8cm By 10cm cutter is 1.2cm deep

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All of these units are 100% brand new from the printer.

  • ·         You'll get better results with any cutter if you prepare properly. Dust your work surface with a thin but even coat of flour to keep the dough from sticking, and roll the dough to an even thickness.
  • ·         Sometimes dough sticks to even a well-floured cutter, especially if the dough is soft or the cutter has an intricate pattern. It helps to keep a small spatula or butter knife with a tapered tip nearby.
  • ·         Chilled dough is preferred as it will tend to not be as sticky.